Meet Aspen Insurance Client Wild Women Wine

Chief Wild Woman Charlene Meriwether insists that wine is about the experience and “if you aren’t having fun…we’ll ask you to leave!”  Never the conformist, Charlene and Wild Women Wine are the antithesis of wine snobbery.


Wild Women Wine is a Colorado boutique winery and tasting room.  Peek in the windows and it won’t look like a traditional winery or tasting room.  And that’s on purpose.

You Will Have Fun at Wild Women Wine

Located in the heart of downtown Denver, the historic building Charlene and her husband, vintner Ross Meriwether, chose for their wine business, is filled with original character. It immediately signals to visitors that wine doesn’t have to be something that is serious. It can be fun.  And they make a point to offer a fun experience.

Starting with the names of Wild Women Wine; Naked Chardonnay, Skinny Bitch Sauvignon Blanc, Big Girl Barbara, and Hot in Heels Zinfandel, fun is infused into the Wild Women Wine experience. The labels turn up the volume with engaging and provocative artwork, which clearly distinguish the Wild Women Wine experience from other brands.

Handcrafted Wines Bottled With Your Custom Label

Customers can also create labels to be applied to Wild Women Wines of their choosing.  Everything from hand drawn artwork to pictures from a cell phone has been used to create labels that express unique messages for customers.

And if that’s not enough fun, customers can also design a handcrafted wine blend, perfected for their palate.  Working with the Wild Women Wine expert vintner, customers are guided through a tasting process that includes many flavor options.  A great example is a couple who owned a Kona coffee farm in Hawaii. They loved the Wild Women Chocolate Port but wanted it to have a coffee taste.  So they sent some of their own Kona Coffee beans to Wild Women Wine.  The beans were used to create their handcrafted Coffee Chocolate Port which was then bottled with custom designed labels.

Because Wild Women Wine is non-traditional, they can add all kinds of flavors to give customers a taste they want that does not exist in other wines.  Which brings us back to the beginning.  The goal of Wild Women Wine is to have a fun experience and embrace your wild side!

The Right Business Insurance to Protect Our Assets

Charlene says of Aspen Insurance Agency  “Cindy Chase has done a terrific job.  Hurricane Ike severely impacted my husband and me in 2008.  We learned a lot about the value and importance of having the right insurance in place to protect our business and assets.  So we ask lots of questions to understand the details of our coverage.  Cindy is always patient and goes above and beyond.  She looks after our interests and advocates for us. I count on her because of her service and expertise, and I feel she cares about my business and me.”

If you’re ready to have some fun and get in touch with your “wild side,” visit Wild Women Wines.  You’ll find them at 1660 Champa Street Denver, CO 80202.  Please visit their website to learn more about their wines and special events.  And when you see the Chief Wild Woman Charlene, make sure to mention that you read her story on the Aspen Insurance blog.

Commercial Insurance: Meet Four Paws Pet Center of Colorado

by Cindy Chase

There’s nothing like the love and companionship of a pet.  Providing the right mix of commercial insurance to Aspen’s client Four Paws Pet Center, is as close as I can get to the saying “it doesn’t feel like work”.  I’m a dog lover and an insurance broker. The opportunity to provide business insurance services to a non-profit that supports homeless and needy animals is a joy for me.

Helping  Homeless and Shelter Animals
of Colorado

I’d like to tell you a little more about Four Paws Pet Center.  They’re a non-profit with three distinct missions.  One of the most important and often overlooked is providing low cost spay and neutering services to help prevent unwanted litters.  They also help collect pet food and find homes to adopt homeless or shelter animals.  Here’s more about each:

Four Paws Pet Center of Colorado is the umbrella organization that holds the (501)c and focuses on low-cost spay and neuter outreach providing a preventative approach to unwanted litters. On average they do 100 spay and neuters per month which helps to reduce unwanted pet populations and unnecessary euthanizations.

Furry Friends Food Drive, a division, collects and distributes pet food through the Food Bank of the Rockies.  Every day, families make heartbreaking economic decisions that impact their pets, and the food drive helps keep pets in their homes during difficult times.

Paws & Co. Adoptions, a division, is a foster-based animal rescue that places homeless or shelter animals in foster homes and works to find a quality and loving adoptive homes.

In addition to working with Four Paws as a client, I’m also a volunteer.  If you’d like to learn more or volunteer, give me a call at 303-777-2991.  Or you can visit their website:


Commercial Insurance: 3 Tips to Keep Colorado Truckers Safe during the Winter Season

by Cindy Chase

A roaring fire and a carpet of Colorado fresh snow viewed from my window reminds me of why I enjoy Colorado winter days. But, as an insurance broker who services many business clients with commercial insurance, I know these kinds of days can mean the opposite for anyone driving a commercial vehicle, especially a truck.  We all know how quickly winter storms can make Colorado roads and highways treacherous.

I thought I would share a few tips to help protect against harm to you or your truck this winter season.

1.  Build a Winter Survival Kit for Yourself

Make sure your truck is stocked with everything you might need in case you get stuck in a brutal Colorado winter storm. Key items to include: a shovel, battery booster cables, ice scraper/snow brush, flashlight with extra batteries, and a blanket to help prevent heat loss from a person’s body. Other items to consider are extra gloves, energy bars or other non-perishable food, bottled water and spare fully-charged cell phone batteries.

2. Get Your Truck Ready for Winter

Equip your truck with new winter windshield wiper blades as well as winterized washer fluid and fuel. Also make sure your tires, headlights, cooling system and battery are in good shape.

3.  Keep an Eye on the Temperature

A helpful tip I learned years ago was to touch the front of your outside mirror to see if ice is forming. If it’s forming on your mirrors, it’s forming on the road too. Be especially cautious when crossing bridges and overpasses where ice often forms first.

Commercial Insurance: Be Ready for the Unexpected of Colorado Winters

No matter how prepared you are, you still need a safety net on the road. Check your insurance policy to make sure it includes the right coverage to meet the unique needs of you and your business. Here are 3 examples of specialized commercial insurance that you should consider:

Cargo Coverage to protect against damage or loss due to theft, fire, collision and hitting or running over cargo.

Roadside Assistance that provides 24/7 towing, battery jump-starts, tire changes, emergency fuel delivery, locksmith service and on-scene labor.

Rental Reimbursement to pay for a replacement vehicle following a covered claim.

As always, our mission is to protect you before you need it. So make sure you and your vehicle are safe and covered, even during the coldest and most treacherous winter months.

And if you would like us to review your current commercial auto insurance policy, please call us at 303-777-2991 or send us an e-mail today.

Commercial Insurance: Protect Your Business in Three Easy Steps

By Cindy Chase

Through the years, I’ve had the pleasure to help many business owners get the right insurance to protect and grow their business. For most of our clients, your business is your most important asset.  So it’s important to have the right commercial insurance in place to protect your hard work. One of the best tools a business can use to protect its assets is business auto insurance.

3 Steps to Commercial Insurance for Your Automobiles, Vans or Trucks

A key to making an informed decision is to understand the coverage and service options of your commercial insurance policy. Here are three easy steps to help figure out your commercial auto insurance needs:

1. Choose an insurer with the right combination of price and service.

Insurance isn’t just about price. It’s about service, too.

  • How are claims handled?
  • How long will it take to get your vehicle back on the road?
  • Can you get questions answered outside of business hours or online?

Know the answers to these questions. Your time is money.

2. Research your policy options.

Having the right coverage is important. A standard commercial auto policy generally includes coverage for:

  • Injuries or damage that you cause
  • Your driver’s injuries
  • Injuries and damages caused by uninsured or under-insured drivers
  • Damage to or theft of your vehicle(s)

When it comes to damage that you cause, you may be required to purchase certain limits based on who you work for. For instance, if you work for certain home builders, you may be required to carry $1 million in liability limits. Consider how much you are willing to pay out of pocket if your liability in an accident is more than your policy limits.

3. Know how the policy is priced.

You can control your insurance costs. To get the best rates, run motor vehicle reports on potential drivers. If you let your insurance lapse, you’ll probably pay more for your next policy. Ask about discounts, including paid-in-full and renewal discounts.

Just like your customers rely on your professional skills, call Aspen Insurance.  We’ll use our expertise and understanding of your business goals and associated risk management to research and recommend the best options.

As always, we’re here to serve you. If you have questions or want to schedule a review of your commercial insurance, please call 303-777-2991 or e-mail us today.