Meet Cindy Chase, President Aspen Insurance Agency

Cindy ChaseWhat do you enjoy about your business?

For me it’s all about people – Moms, Dads, children, business owners and the pups! I’ve owned Aspen for more than 20 years and my attitude has always been to get to know who my clients are and what’s unique about them. This means listening and caring about their needs, not just selling a policy.

We bear a lot of responsibility to make sure we’re giving the right advice and options to protect our client’s assets. That’s why we strive to be friendly. We want you to feel comfortable talking with us about whatever is going on, and not like you have to be “prepared” to talk to an insurance agent.

Three things you want clients to know about Aspen Insurance Agency.

  1. A live person answers the phone.
    Life happens without notice. A business client needs additional liability coverage, so they can bid on more work; someone had a wreck; their home flooded, or they’re going to be parents.I believe it’s important that our clients know we answer our phones and we’re there to provide immediate service.
  2. We use technology to offer the best coverage at the best price.
    Because we’re brokers, we have access to many plans. We use state of the art technology to find policies that provide the right coverage at the best price.We’ve also built a mobile app for Aspen clients that puts information clients need at their fingertips.
  3. Your life is constantly changing and we can meet your changing needs.
    Life doesn’t stand still. We’ve helped clients with first cars and homes, second homes; and growing a business and more.Insurance is also constantly changing. We’re on top of the new products so we can provide you the full spectrum of policy options available today.

One thing you should never do with your insurance policies is…

Not read your policies or do a review with us. The biggest problems happen because a client’s needs have changed and they just auto-renewed their policy; assuming the risk was covered.

If you remember one thing about insurance it’s this:

The goal of your insurance policy is to make you whole. It’s not to make a profit if you use it. A 2002 vehicle will be replaced with the equivalent versus a new car.

How about after work?

I like to be in motion. It may be lunch with a client who has become a friend, or running, skiing, riding my bike or doing Zumba. The big beautiful skies and sunshine of Colorado inspire me. I’m grateful that I get to serve clients in a place I love so much.

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