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Colorado Auto Insurance: Be Prepared for Car Accidents

by Cindy Chase

Colorado auto insurance.  We all take our auto insurance for granted.  Even me. And I am in the business of selling multiple kinds of insurance including automobile coverage.

But…crash, in a split second I ran into a concrete pole in a parking garage. I sat there stunned not knowing how this happened. Trying to get to my exercise class, I was in a rush because I left the office late. Now I had the opportunity to be “the client” of my own policy.  This experience created a renewed sense of appreciation

Crash: Wake Up Call to Be Present

It happened so fast.  I was going 10 miles per hour, when I hit the pole. Suddenly all of the airbags went off, people stopped and the parking garage attendants called the fire department. In that moment I realized I had not really been paying attention to driving.  I was focused on getting to my class.

We often hear talk about teenage safety and senior safety driving courses.  The reality is, that we all need to be more present behind the wheel no matter your age. This was a big wake-up call for me.

The good news is I was not hurt.  Once the fire department confirmed I could walk and talk, the process of cleaning up my mess started.

Colorado Auto Insurance:  Helpful Tips for…
Auto  Accidents

You might find the following tips that I learned in the process helpful:

1. Carry a current insurance card and vehicle registration in your glove box.

I know this seems like common sense. But through the years, many clients have called from the scene of an accident to get their automobile insurance information.  Having it available, saves time and lowers stress.

2.  Put an extra pair of reading glasses in your glove box.

Print on insurance cards is small.  In my shock, I wasn’t able to read the card.  Fortunately, people had stopped and helped me.

3.  Airbags deploy with force.

Boy did I learn that.  My shins, ankles and knees had extreme bruising from the trauma. Make sure your seat is properly adjusted for driving.

4.  Check your auto policy to ensure you have enough medical pay coverage.

Medical pay coverage is for first dollar expenses, regardless of fault. Everyone in your vehicle is covered.  It’s optional coverage in Colorado, but worth the fee.  Many of us have other people and children in our cars.  Medical pay covers them as well.

5.  Talk directly to your insurance carrier.

I called my carrier the next morning and was guided through the process by the claims person.  Yes, this took a few minutes of time, but I was able to provide exact details of my accident. In my experience, the more people involved in the communication process, the more deluded the story becomes.  Miscommunication is the root cause of most claim problems.

The process of repair has started…me nursing my bruised body and my beloved auto taken away to be repaired. This experience gave me a firsthand view of the stress and trauma with the unexpected

I gained a renewed sense of appreciation for the value of insurance and the support I received.  Not only from my carrier, but the fire department and people who stopped to help me.

Yes, I’m in the business.  But this experience reinforced my commitment and passion to why insurance matters.  And the Aspen Insurance commitment to clients to protect them before they need it.

You may be wondering if I had enough insurance. Turns out the 30 days of rental coverage was not enough.  How much auto insurance is enough is a question that I frequently discuss with my clients.  Read part two of this series, where I share my perspective.