Colorado Homeowner' Insurance

Colorado Homeowner’s Insurance: 9 Key Questions to Ask Your Agent

Our office is inundated with phone calls when unexpected events like the wildfires and floods happen. Current clients, prospective clients, and even individuals who may not have  Colorado homeowner’s insurance policies call and are often panicked. They’re not sure what coverage they have…Do I have fire coverage…Do I have flood coverage? Or they may want to find out about the process to file a claim.

Colorado Homeowner’s Insurance : Understand the Details of Your Policy Coverage

At Aspen Insurance Agency, we’ve been serving Coloradans for over 20 years, and we fully relate to these calls. Our mission is to provide you with the proper coverage before you need it.  That’s why we always encourage our clients and others to call us to review both your insurance coverage and policy language.

When you call be sure to ask these questions. Learning the answers helps you understand your coverage and give you peace of mind.

  1. If  disaster strikes and I’m faced with a total loss, what is my coverage both for property and for personal possessions?
  2. If there is a total loss, can I rebuild anywhere I want, or do I have to rebuild on my existing property site?
  3. What is my coverage for debris removal?
  4. What are the exclusions in my policy?
  5. Are vehicles such as RVs, motorcycles, ATVs, boats, and cars insured if they were inside a garage that was destroyed?
  6. Is jewelry and valuable art covered in my homeowners’ policy?
  7. What are my deductibles?
  8. Are deductibles treated differently for different types of situations? For example, is wind and hail damage treated differently from fire damage and are these treated differently from burglary?
  9. If my family is displaced after a major loss, will our policy cover our living expenses while our home is being repaired or rebuilt?

Know the Details of Your Colorado Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

The bottom line is this: ALL HOMEOWNER POLICIES ARE NOT EQUAL! Even if you think you know what your homeowner’s insurance covers, your risk tolerance may have changed since the policy was written. It’s important to understand what you have chosen for coverage and what coverage you have NOT chosen.

Please make sure to review your policy and call our office at (303) 777-2991 or send and e-mail with any of your questions or concerns. We want to make sure you have the coverage that you need and also the coverage that you think you have!