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Colorado Lifestyle: Safety Tips for Riding Your Bike

by Cindy Chase

I love riding my bike to work.  At the first sign of spring, you’ll find me happily pedaling to my Denver based office. It’s one of the things I love about the Colorado lifestyle.

So I was thrilled when there was finally a break from the Rocky Mountain winter.  Mid-March and 70 degrees!

Like so many other cycling enthusiasts in Colorado, that 70 degree March day inspired me to pull out my “cruiser” bike and enjoy my first ride to work in 2013. Within the first few minutes of riding…I was reminded of biker safety and the need for motorist to remember they share the road with cyclists.

Riding Your Bike to Work

I ride on side streets and most of them have cycling lanes.  Here is what I encountered on my 6-mile ride to work:

  • Crowding by BIG SUVS at corners…okay maybe, they really didn’t see me.  But that’s the point you need to be on the look-out for cyclists in the riding lane.
  • Motorists getting very close to me when we were the only ones on the road.
  • People getting in their cars, opening the car door and not looking to see if a cyclists or other motorist are coming.

Thank-goodness for my obnoxious bell!

Colorado Lifestyle:  Spring has Sprung and so have the Cyclists, Motorcyclists and Walkers

We all need to remember that in Colorado – Spring means we “spring” to the great outdoors. It’s time to put away our winter safety habits…snow, ice etc and polish up our spring safety habits.

Everywhere you turn, you’ll see cyclists, motorcyclists, adults and children out walking, biking and crossing streets.  Now is the time to slow down and turn up your awareness of what is going on around you as you drive.  Become more observant of riders in the bicycle lanes.  Listen for motorcycles.  And most importantly stop at all crosswalks to make sure there are no pedestrians in the area.

If the Unexpected Does Happen

Cyclists…here’s an important thing to know if the unexpected happens.  If you are in a biking accident, did you know that your uninsured/underinsured auto insurance covers you?  Your med pay also applies.

Be sure to review your insurance to confirm that this valuable coverage is in place.

Be Prepared with These Cyclist Safety Tips

As you get ready for bike riding season be prepared to ensure a wonderful experience with these safety tips:

  • Wear a helmet
  • Ride in the bicycle lanes
  • Look several cars ahead
  • Make yourself visible
  • Ride predictably
  • Be hyper aware when crossing intersections

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