Meet Farah Stern, Aspen Insurance Agent

Aspen Insurance Agent Farah SternWhat do you enjoy about being an Insurance Agent?

I love getting to meet and help all kinds of people. Yesterday I helped a Vietnamese man who specializes in resurfacing concrete, a Doctor and a Realtor with everything from auto, home, and business insurance needs.

The best part of my job is when it all comes together. I spend a lot of time learning what’s new, talking to carriers about products, researching markets, local businesses, and trends. When I talk to a client and know exactly how to underwrite their risk requirement, it’s very satisfying. Every client is different and every insurance solution should reflect that.

Three things you want clients to know about buying insurance.

  1. Be Heard
    Buying insurance is a two-way conversation. For example you want to buy homeowners insurance. When talking with an agent, make sure they’re asking lots of questions about your needs and not simply putting you into their policy of the day.
  2. Be in Charge
    I encourage prospects and clients to ask lots of question. You’re spending money to protect your assets and it’s critical to understand the protection you’re buying. Insurance is complex and it’s important to have an agent answer your questions.
  3. Be Patient
    This might sound odd…but clients often expect us to have immediate policy recommendations. Because we’re brokers, we can shop the market after we understand your needs. And then find the best fit options to present to you. This takes a little more time, but you can always feel confident that you’re getting the best policy and coverage for you needs and budget.

One thing you should never do with your insurance policies is…

Don’t let your coverage lapse due to lack of payment. When this happens you’re not rated as a preferred customer, it’s harder to get your coverage going again and it can cost more.

If you remember one thing about insurance it’s this:

Make decisions based on coverage of your assets. Cost isn’t everything and it can be a dangerous way to make decisions about protecting or not protecting your most important assets.

One of the things I enjoy about working as an Insurance Broker is my ability to shop the market and find the best policy for the money that meets your needs. And then being able to guide clients through the coverage so they’re clear on what they are buying.

How about after work?

I am married and have two daughters, so my family is a big focus. We enjoy hanging out together, cooking, gardening and watching a movie. I work out at Orange Theory as often as I can. I also grew up in France and love good red wine!

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