Join Aspen in Supporting The GrowHaus

denver non-profit GrowHaus

by Cindy Chase

As the holiday season kicks into gear there is one common element at the center of most holiday celebrations…and that is food.  For most of us the notion of food is tied to “toooo much food” or “being stuffed” at this time of year.

My hobby is cooking – from the shopping, creating a new recipe, entertaining and simply serving great food at each meal.  I feel so privileged that there are so many options in my neighborhood. And it’s for this reason that Aspen Insurance is supporting The GrowHaus.

The GrowHaus Brings Sustainable Fresh Food to the  Elyria-Swansea Denver Neighborhood

Located in one of Denver’s poorest and underserved neighborhoods Elyria-Swansea, (think I-70 corridor near National Western arena, Purina plant), The GrowHaus is a unique non-profit that whose mission is to create a neighborhood-based food system by serving as a hub for food distribution, production, education, and economic impact.

Denver’s Elyria-Swansea neighborhood is known as an urban food desert.  Yes desert….not dessert!  I had never heard of this until getting involved with The GrowHaus.  A food desert is identified as a neighborhood that does not have a full service grocery store within one-mile.

Imagine for a minute if instead of jumping in your car and going down the street to King Soopers/Safeway/Target or Whole Foods, if your only choice was 7-Eleven. This is what many residents face because their mode of transportation is either walking or taking a bus.

Urban Farming in the Middle of Downtown Denver

The GrowHaus has helped to change that with innovative urban farming techniques.  Located in a renovated 20,000 sq. foot greenhouse in the middle of the neighborhood, The GrowHaus helps residents have access to fresh and healthy food right in their neighborhood.  Not only do residents have access to fresh food, but they also have an opportunity to have a job.  In addition to providing food for residents,

The GrowHaus sells its produce to many local grocery stores and restaurants. You can buy GrowHaus produce at King Soopers, Marczyk’s, and Whole Foods; as well as enjoy it in a wonderful meal at more than 20 local restaurants.

Support The GrowHaus with a Toy for the
2018 Holiday Party for Children or Donation

At Aspen Insurance we’re excited to support this innovative non-profit by sponsoring the 2018 Holiday Party for Children.  If you would like to join us, please bring unwrapped presents for children to the age of 13 to our office.  We’re located at 1315 S. Clayton ST. Suite 110, Denver Co. 80210.  If you haven’t visited us since we moved into our new office space, we’d love to give you a tour.

If you want to donate but can’t make it to our office, please call Cindy at 303-250-3462 to arrange a pick-up.

Follow us on Facebook as we share more about The GrowHaus and its impact on making our community better for all. You can learn more about The GrowHaus at their website.  You can also make a donation here.