Meet Aspen Client: Peaceful Touch Pet Salon

Located in the Denver CO neighborhood of Capitol Hill, Peaceful Touch Pet Salon and Massage, greets you with happy Woofs and Meows. Founded by lifelong groomer Tamra Fischer, Denver pet owners bring their beloved cats and dogs to Tamra’s shop because they feel confident about the personal attention their pet receives.

Tamra and her team take special pride in working with each animal to ensure they have a positive grooming experience.  An important part is the handling of each pet.

For example, if a dog has an arthritic knee, the groomer can hold the dog in a particular way to minimize pain. Tamra has developed a unique process to handle each pet in a manner that is sensitive to their physical or emotional needs.  All of Tamra’s staff has been trained on this process.

Because Groomers see pets more often than Veterinarians, they often find issues that need the attention of a Vet. Tamra and her team alert the pet owner to the situation and then share educational information to help the owner understand why this might be a problem.

Does Pet Massage Work

Several years ago, Tamra had a special needs dog.  Her Vet advised that pet massage would help. So Tamra went to school and became certified as a Pet Massage Therapist.  Applying what she learned to her pet, she saw firsthand the power of massage to improve her pet’s mobility and happiness.

Today Pet Massage is a standard service offering.  Some clients bring their pets in every other week for a massage. Just like humans, a pet massage makes the dog or cat say ahh ahh and feel so good.  In addition to arthritis, pet massage helps to improve mobility from an injury, reduce aggression and ease depression.

National Certified Master Groomer

Tamra also studied for and received the National Certified Master Groomer certification.  This certification is strenuous, requiring both a written master exam and then multiple practical exams of each of the four breed groups. It is recognized by the National Dog Groomers Association as the highest level of skills certification.

Tamra’s entire team benefits from this ongoing education because of the collaborative pride shared by the other three groomers and assistant. Tamra’s team is always on the look-out to learn current techniques that make the pet look and feel great because of their grooming experience.

Peaceful Touch Pet Salon and Aspen Insurance Agency

Cindy Chase, the owner of Aspen Insurance Agency, is a lifelong animal lover.  Claude and Mimi, Cindy’s beloved Standard Poodles have been clients of Peaceful Touch Pet Salon and Massage for years.

When Tamra was looking for alternatives to her insurance policies, she turned to Cindy.  Until that point, Tamra had used a State Farm agent, but she needed more options.  She quickly became a fan of working with a broker and with Cindy.

 “Cindy did a great job of listening to what I needed, what my budget was and then went to work to find several options for me.  She helped me to understand what each of the options meant to my business regarding risk versus cost.  When I still wasn’t sure what to do, she offered her expert advice that helped me make a good decision for my business.

Insurance is one of those things that you must have to do business and protect your assets, but it’s not necessary something that you look forward to sorting out.  But Cindy and her team at Aspen Insurance Agency made this a great experience.”

If your dog or cat needs to be groomed, de-shed, or have a massage call 720-280-2005 for an appointment. Peaceful Touch Pet Salon and Massage is located at 1201 E Colfax Ave (Marion & Colfax), Denver, CO 80218.  You can also learn more at their website