Meet Aspen Insurance Client Wild Women Wine

Chief Wild Woman Charlene Meriwether insists that wine is about the experience and “if you aren’t having fun…we’ll ask you to leave!”  Never the conformist, Charlene and Wild Women Wine are the antithesis of wine snobbery.


Wild Women Wine is a Colorado boutique winery and tasting room.  Peek in the windows and it won’t look like a traditional winery or tasting room.  And that’s on purpose.

You Will Have Fun at Wild Women Wine

Located in the heart of downtown Denver, the historic building Charlene and her husband, vintner Ross Meriwether, chose for their wine business, is filled with original character. It immediately signals to visitors that wine doesn’t have to be something that is serious. It can be fun.  And they make a point to offer a fun experience.

Starting with the names of Wild Women Wine; Naked Chardonnay, Skinny Bitch Sauvignon Blanc, Big Girl Barbara, and Hot in Heels Zinfandel, fun is infused into the Wild Women Wine experience. The labels turn up the volume with engaging and provocative artwork, which clearly distinguish the Wild Women Wine experience from other brands.

Handcrafted Wines Bottled With Your Custom Label

Customers can also create labels to be applied to Wild Women Wines of their choosing.  Everything from hand drawn artwork to pictures from a cell phone has been used to create labels that express unique messages for customers.

And if that’s not enough fun, customers can also design a handcrafted wine blend, perfected for their palate.  Working with the Wild Women Wine expert vintner, customers are guided through a tasting process that includes many flavor options.  A great example is a couple who owned a Kona coffee farm in Hawaii. They loved the Wild Women Chocolate Port but wanted it to have a coffee taste.  So they sent some of their own Kona Coffee beans to Wild Women Wine.  The beans were used to create their handcrafted Coffee Chocolate Port which was then bottled with custom designed labels.

Because Wild Women Wine is non-traditional, they can add all kinds of flavors to give customers a taste they want that does not exist in other wines.  Which brings us back to the beginning.  The goal of Wild Women Wine is to have a fun experience and embrace your wild side!

The Right Business Insurance to Protect Our Assets

Charlene says of Aspen Insurance Agency  “Cindy Chase has done a terrific job.  Hurricane Ike severely impacted my husband and me in 2008.  We learned a lot about the value and importance of having the right insurance in place to protect our business and assets.  So we ask lots of questions to understand the details of our coverage.  Cindy is always patient and goes above and beyond.  She looks after our interests and advocates for us. I count on her because of her service and expertise, and I feel she cares about my business and me.”

If you’re ready to have some fun and get in touch with your “wild side,” visit Wild Women Wines.  You’ll find them at 1660 Champa Street Denver, CO 80202.  Please visit their website to learn more about their wines and special events.  And when you see the Chief Wild Woman Charlene, make sure to mention that you read her story on the Aspen Insurance blog.

Meet Aspen Insurance Client Denver CO Hair Salon Chad & Co.

Chad & Co. business owners

Exclusive, high-end, customized haircuts and hair styles, coupled with chemical-free hair products is what customers consistently find at Denver CO Hair Salon Chad & Co. Owners of this elite hair salon, Chad and Marietta Cantu, will celebrate their first year in business together January 1, 2014.

But these two are not newcomers to working with hair and make-up. They’ve actually been in the beauty industry their entire careers. In fact, Marietta is a third-generation hair designer.

Chad & Co. is a spin-off from the Rita B Salon which was founded 25 years ago in Denver by Marietta’s mother, Rita Bellino. Both Chad and Marietta worked at Rita B and were instrumental in growing and expanding the business.

A desire to create their own salon experience and build a unique brand led to the establishment of Chad & Co.

Beautiful Haircuts and Color Create Your Custom Look at Chad & Co.

Chad & Co. is passionate about creating beautiful haircuts, extensions, color, and make-up that bring out the individual beauty and transform the look of each client. They’re equally adamant about products that are free from harmful chemicals. So they formulated the Chad & Co. product line to their exact specifications. Clients love how the products make their hair look and feel.

When customers visit Chad & Co., they can expect an experience, unlike any other hair salon. Chad, Marietta, and the five other stylists focus first on developing a custom look that takes into account the client’s lifestyle, career, and personality. According to Marietta, getting to know their clients is key to creating a cut, color, and style that is uniquely suited to each individual. The team at Chad & Co. then go to work and use their skills and expertise to create custom trend-setting hair styles that reflect the beauty of each client.

Having the Right Commercial Insurance Provides Peace of Mind

Since opening the doors for business Chad & Co. has attracted many new and previous customers. An important key to success is working with Aspen Insurance Agency. Having been in the business for many years, Marietta knows firsthand the risks involved in operating a hair salon.

We love working with Cindy Chase at Aspen Insurance. She’s on top of things, honest and isn’t just interested in selling insurance. She’s focused on helping us grow our business by providing the right coverage at the best price. As small-business owners, we have peace of mind that Aspen Insurance will take care of us, our employees and our clients if something were to happen. This is a big deal for us because Chad & Co. is our livelihood!

Chad & Co. is conveniently located in the Denver Tech Center at 8727 E. Dry Creek Rd. Unit E, Centennial, CO. You can call to book your appointment at 303-773-2100 and visit their website. Hours are Monday: 10 am to 6 pm and Tuesdays – Saturdays: 8:30 am to 6 pm.

When you see Chad and Marietta, make sure to mention that you read their story on the Aspen Insurance Blog!